Customer Reviews

09 September, 2013
We met at the Palapita Bar for this catamaran tour in Cozumel, it was as the ticket said just a 3 minute taxi ride from where the Conquest docked. Fernando, the head guide, greeted us and within a short time we were ready to go. There were only about 15 people on the excursion and we enjoyed this small group rather than the packed cruise sponsored party cats. Snorkeling was great, we saw many tropical fish and a camera man took pictures of us in the water. After snorkeling, the crew kept the margaritas and ice cold beers coming and served home made guacamole and chips while we listened to Caribbean music. This was one of the best catamaran tours we ever took!
10 September, 2013
I will recommend this company to everyone I know that heads your way. Their crew is second to none and take great pride and care in what they do.
07 February, 2014
2 thumbs up for this tour, the boat and their of the best tours ever!
28 February, 2014
We all had a fantastic time. Captain and crew were very good with proper instructions to keep us all safe and help us enjoy the experience. The fish were absolutely beautiful and we could have stayed all day if we didn't have to get back to our cruise ship. We enjoyed a beautiful sail back with drinks and snacks. We couldn't have wished for a better experience.
02 May, 2014
My daughter and I had a wonderful excursion last week...thanks for your hospitality, instruction, food, fun and tequila!!! (reprinted from Fan page)
12 August, 2014
This is a fabulous tour and well worth the price. We met, boarded the beautiful catamaran, and the hit the beautiful ocean. Everyone was enjoying the music and sailing on the ocean. We briefly listened to the rules (keeping the ocean clean, keeping ourselves safe while snorkeling AND if we needed more instruction, don't be afraid to ask) and were given our equipment (which was nice and new). Some places make you wear big bulky life vests, they gave us life vests but were not so bulky, great for snorkeling. Everyone got in the water and stayed close to our guides. The reef was amazing, it was pretty shallow and we could see cow fish, parrot fish, barracuda, sargent majors and more. The coral was abundant and colorful. It was also a smaller group so everyone was kicking each other and we were spread out because we had more than one guide (which was awesome). After snorkeling around the reef and seeing different sight, we boarded the boat. They served banana and water/soda. Within 15 minutes we were at the next reef. This time it was deeper and bigger. A long coral with many fish. Back in the water. Once again, we had two guides but this time we were really able to spread out and see more fish and corals. After snorkeling around for a while, my friend and I decided to get back on the boat for beer, margaritas, tequila shots, fresh (delicious) guacamole and chips. They serve quality drinks and snacks and it was unlimited! Fernando was AWESOME as a guide in the water and as a host on the boat! We enjoyed the beautiful blue, drinks and snacks while cruising to some music. What a great way to spend a day. I Highly recommend this tour.
Kym K.
06 September, 2014
Arriving an hour early to our meeting place (which rarely happens for me ANYwhere!) was perfect...I was greeted by Luis for an amazing fresh fish taco lunch and Margarita, joined soon thereafter by Fernando for a few pre-sail questions....then we were off! Ten of us boarded a beautiful catamaran, where we were treated like royalty from the very second we stepped foot on board. Fernando and his crew were AMAZING and were not only professional and helpful (putting us all at ease with safety tips and help with equipment), but we were led to the perfect spots to see breathtaking views, fish and coral. Fernando was with us in the water, never far and always attentive to his guests. The captain always kept the boat near as well, so we never had to swim to meet it when we were done at each snorkel stop. Once back on board, it was tequila shots, fresh guacamole and yummy drinks of our choosing! Cruising by myself, the crew "spoiled" me and made sure I was well taken care of, which only added to the amazingness of my adventure...and lifelong memories made in one afternoon. THANK YOU Fernando and crew.....vivirás en mi corazón para siempre.....hope to see you again SOON!!! Besos... <3 Kym (Kimenker) Kurey, Hollywood, FL
10 December, 2018
Fernando and his crew were fun, knowledgeable and made sure everyone had a great time!
Ron W
05 June, 2015
Had the opportunity to use Shore Excursineer going with Sail & Snorkel on a cruise in Cozumel 5-25-2015. I've been on several snorkel excursions all over. Fernando our guide, was the most professional guide I've experienced. He loves his country, his island of Cozumel, and what he is doing in "his office" in the Caribbean. Fernando is not only very knowledgeable about the reef and it's ecosystem he makes the excursion fun. They offer great homemade guacamole, cervaza, margaritas, fresh pineapple to take away the salt water taste. I ruined a $400.00 GoPro camera and still had a great time. Highly recommend them as they offer an unusual combination of safety and fun. Can't wait to return. Fernando & Angel, keep the tape ready. Ron
McDonald Family
27 July, 2015
This is a must if you are in Cozumel. Fernando and the crew made the whole experience great. I have been snorkeling before, but no one ever gave such good instructions on using the snorkel equipment. I learned things that made the experience better and so I had the best snorkeling experience even though I had been snorkeling before. I also suggest walking to the meeting place; it took us 20 minutes instead of 10-15 like they said. But it was a fun walk and didn't mind it at all. While we were snorkeling some other guys showed up to take our pictures under water. They charged us $50 for a CD of all the pictures (I didn't price haggle with them and later found out they charged another family $30.) But buy the pictures and the CD!! They are awesome! I dont regret buying the CD of photos one bit. They bring you the CD as you are getting off the catamaran.
03 October, 2015
The Cozumel catamaran sail and snorkel was the highlight of our family vacation. Our family enjoyed a relaxed afternoon exploring the beautiful reefs with the most knowledgeable guides. After our snorkel we enjoyed yummy magaritas, Guacamole with chips and tequila shots! Thank you Capt. Fernando and staff for an awesome snorkel excursion.
27 October, 2015
This was my second time booking with this company and it was awesome! I feel bad for the people who book shore excursions with the cruise line because we had a much more intimate setting with only 8 people as opposed to the cruise ships boat having at least 40. We also went to the same reefs as the cruise line`s tour. The guide was amazing and spoke perfect English and gave us extensive safety information- safety was definitly a top priority. After the second reef, the guide took our gear and handed us a margarita and they were great! It was a beautiful trip and I would recomend this to everyone. I never book excursions with the cruise line and this experience is the exact reason why- I had a better time and saved a lot of money.
Jessica and James
08 December, 2018
We had the best time!! The crew was amazing! Fernado was the best instructor. We seen amazing fish! We will definitely be coming back.
13 March, 2016
We booked this tour because of the reviews and they did NOT dissappoint. As it turns out, the only group that showed up for this excursion was our family of four, and they still went out and gave us the best, most professional excursion ever. On the way back, they broke out the sails and we enjoyed a beautiful sail back to port. They meet at the La Hach restaurant, which, btw, has amazing food and marguaritas. The staff is totally professional, the boat is amazing, the service is the best. As it says.."BEST Cozumel Excursion" and it's the truth. As I posted on FB.."absolutely one of the best days of my life."
06 August, 2018
This was an awesome excursion. The price was excellent the crew was very knowledgeable. Fernando educated us very thorough on how to use your snorkel equipment and relaxing in the water. The guide in the water was also excellent on showing us where to look and go. He even found a tunnel for go thru. All crew members could communicate well in English. The guacamole and Marquita's were excellent. Nice cruse back from the snorkel with sails up, just a little disappointed that the engine was running at idle, due to the current. We lucked out an where the only 4 on the boat which made the trip even better. Overall rating 8.
10 January, 2017
I cannot say enough good things about Fernando and his crew! They were amazing!!! Our group of 5 had the best time. We were traveling on Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas and got off in Cozumel for this Excursion. It was a short 20 minute walk from the International port. We took longer on the walk back, as we stopped to shop along the way. Beautiful location, clean boat, excellent crew, and just an overall 5 star experience! I shared about it on my blog, as we had such a great time!
The Drake's
17 April, 2017
Just got back from a Western Caribbean Cruise. Had the best time of our lives. It was my son's graduation present. Fernando and the crew were great. Very friendly and punctual. We had nice small group with about 10-12 of us. I think Fernando had some fish food in his pockets because the fish swarmed around him. We snorkeled two Reefs the first was shallow in about 25 feet of water and we saw a lot of marine life. The second reef was in about 40 feet of water and the weather started to turn a little. The marine life was not as plentiful but we did get to see scuba divers down deep. It made me a little jealous. I can't wait to take my 3 younger children on this trip. I booked all my excursions through Shore Excursioneer and will be doing the same on our next adventure.
Loving Life and Lucky To Be Here
23 January, 2019
Thank you Fernando, Adrian and Carlos for a day I will never forget!
11 January, 2018
We have done this excursion twice. Fernando and his crew are amazing. I got some great underwater photos. The snorkeling is top notch and Fernando has it down to a fine science. It was a beautiful experience. Just watch out for those tequila shots.
15 April, 2019
I just want to say that this excursion made our trip. Fernando and his crew were phenomenal in taking us around on the beautiful tropical water. You get 1 hour sail time, 1 hour snorkel and last hour relaxing with some drinks, chips and guacamole. It is paramount to listen to Fernando's safety instruction before you get out in the water.